Work Together

Start monetizing while helping support the local businesses within your community.

The Flytrap Affiliate Program provides a simple way to monetize while helping businesses within your local community. All payouts are typically made available 3-5 business days from the purchase of any of the FlyTrap Business plans.

Listed below are the commission rates:

 FlyTrap Pro: $20 per signup
 Flytrap Premium: $50 per signup

How to get started?

1.) Register for a Flytrap Account.
2.) Go to your Profile to get your Affiliate ID and Link.
3.) Use #flytraplocal for any posts on social channels.
4.) Share and start monetizing

How do I use my Affiliate ID?

Here are a few ways you can use your affiliate id to businesses navigate to the right plan. Listed below are a few ways to help choose the right plan for their company.

How do I use my affiliate link?

Replace the [affliate_id_here] with your Affiliate ID in the links below.